Sculpture By Stephen Kishel
Bluffton, South Carolina
Phone: 843-757-8450
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Tallest Botanical Sculpture yet

It is not done yet, but it is getting close. Perhaps it will be yellow or maybe lime green. The marsh has so many colors, so many hues, depending on the time of day, the season, the weather, just to name a few. Today I saw straw tan tops and lime green stocks, tomorrow who knows what colors will talk.

New Botanical Sculpture under construction

Each morning I walk with my dog down to the marsh by the May River just to enjoy the breath taking views. You might think since I have been there and done that over and over, I would not see anything new, but I alway do! So many ideas for new sculptures and so little time to make them.

Circle of Friends

There is something special about sculpture made from Iron. Each piece adds feeling to the work, and each weld solidifies those feeling. This abstract will grab your attention when it is powder coated, and will fuel your imagination.

Moon Dancers

This is a wall sculpture nearing completion. The dancers appear to be floating effortlessly, just what you would exspect if you were to dance without much gravity. Made from Steel with a natural brushed metal finish. Sold to a private residence on Hilton Head island

Art Jazz Wine Festival Federal Hill


Art Fair SC East Coast

Spring garden sculptures for sale three day festival

The Garden is a Great Place to Show Your Taste in

This Tall Outdoor sculpture is like tall grass being swept by the wind. It celebrates life and sunny days, and the natural world we enjoy so much!

Purple Whale

It started as a tail, that turned into a whale. It was just too too pale of a whale, so I gave it some color, and not just any color; I gave it a purple color and sparkles too, and now its all dressed up to go home with you.

Powder Puff Fish

This blue puffin is just made from nothing, but as it takes shape its personality come thru and pretty soon its a fish for someone like you.

Playful fish

Diving and jumping and playing fish games.

The Peoples fish

There are people inside this fish, do you see them?

Limo fish

Limo fish is going for a long ride. So where is he going?
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