Sculpture By Stephen Kishel
Bluffton, South Carolina
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This mirror finish sculpture was designed by Louis Pearson and sign by Lou Pearson and Robin Robbins copy right 1988. The owner commissioned me to polish it up to its original mirror finish.


Sporting a fresh coat of clear powder coat. I love being challanged to make something for the first time. The first one is a proto-type, yet the feeling that the first one captures can not be improved with a copy. I feel techniques improve, and the second one might take less time, and the feeling might be close, but an original will always be THE Original.

Wolf Howls at the Moon

Layer upon layer upon layer of .125 aluminum scrap metal created this wolf; we are not what we wear or what we were we are not what others think we are, we are whatever we really really want to be. If we want something badly enough, we can start where ever and arrive somewhere closer to where we want, so Never give up! How else can we get better?


This critter is one hundred percent stainless steel. It was made from over 10 pounds of type 316L stainless steel TIG welding rod.

red hot heron

If you heat up stainless steel you change the color The natural blue color is what I desire for this Blue Heron.

Blue Abstract Sculpture

There is something special about a non-representable sculpture, as our mind takes in the image, it tries to identify it as a person, animal, plant, or machine. When all else fails it stored away as a Rock formation or a shadow of something real. Make it Real, and make more, and keep making more, and get a grip on the real life! A life created and designed by you.

Art Fair

Historic Bluffton Art & Seafood Festival October 17th &18th 2015 See Sunday edition (10/18/2015) of The Island Packet Newspaper Hiltonhead, SC

Mobile hanger

This botanical is a creative way to hang a fish mobile I created last year. The client asked for a simple hook or ? Mark shaped hook to hang the mobile. I do not do simple, so I have been told.

Botanical Sculpture

I started this one when a friend came over to shoot some video. The result was a nice short how to create a botanical sculpture on youtube, and this attractive sculpture that sold recently.

Sculpture Garden

Welcome to my art studio & sculpture garden Palmetto Oaks. It is amazing to me what a bench does for a garden, it is like a welcome mat at the front door, inviting you to sit down and relax and enjoy the day, the view, and my company. Admission is free

Botanical Sculpture

Inspired by the May River Marshgrass

0range is beautiful

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