Sculpture By Stephen Kishel
Bluffton, South Carolina
Phone: 843-757-8450
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Stepping Above and Beyond

Floating sculpture or mobile? This sculpture is pushing the envelope of traditional Mobiles in more ways than one.

The Cottage Restaurant Mobiles

Modern Art Mobiles pair great with fine dining

Maye River Galery

Mobiles in the Garden

Full Bloom

fruit and vegetables taste best when they are vine ripe, so flowers at full bloom look their best

A Lightning Strike Closes Sculpture Garden for a w

Re-Opens July 9, 2019 Thank you

July 2 & 3 2019

Five trees struck by lightning recently are dead and must be removed to make the sculpture garden safe for visitors


Scrap metal art is much more expressive than 3D clip art cut from CAD

Orange wall sculpture

This abstract wall sculpture, reminds me of a futuristic city scape

Oblivious and Absorbed

Rusty metal has a quality that is expressive and enduring and yet we know it will be gone in 100 years or perhaps less

Simple and Sweet

Not all art is complicated or serious!

Next to Perfection

This sculpture has been powder coated, and is now a metallic rusty red. If you would like me to send you a photo, just send me an email.

Human Scale Botanical Sculpture

The wind and the marsh sweep together as one. Creation can not be improved!
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