Sculpture By Stephen Kishel
Bluffton, South Carolina
Phone: 843-757-8450
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My sculpture gallery is organized to display my new sculptures first. I have hundreds of abstract sculptures for your viewing enjoyment. Click on MORE INFO when you would like to see additional photos. Please note that it is possible for me to re-create sculptures that have already sold. If this is your desire, please email or call me with the size, material, color and any other details you would like me to take into consideration on your commission piece. I will be glad to give you a current price and a delivery estimate.

Thank you,
Stephen Kishel


Embracing Your Life

Price: $12,500.00+ Shipping

Sunbeams thru Time

Price: $6,000.00+ Shipping

Blue Sky

Price: $6,200.00+ Shipping

Rainforest Botanical

Price: $8,500.00+ Shipping

Appeal of the Marsh

Price: $6,250.00+ Shipping

Blooming Grassland

Price: $7,500.00+ Shipping

Bright Morning Marshgrass

** SOLD **

Sunshine Forever

Price: $10,000.00+ Shipping

Always Embrace Life

Price: $12,000.00+ Shipping


Price: $3,250.00+ Shipping

Marshland Blooms

Price: $6,750.00+ Shipping

There be Dragons

** SOLD **

Rocking Horse People

** SOLD **

Flowering Marshgrass

Price: $9,800.00+ Shipping

Bright Morning Marshgrass

** SOLD **

Lost Feelings Found

** SOLD **

Bird in marshgrass

** SOLD **


** SOLD **


** SOLD **

Solar Breeze and Lunar Rain

Price: $850.00+ Shipping

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